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Cherry Hill Water Production Facility
Polk County, FL; scheduled for completion 2019

The HSC Team was selected to complete the preliminary and final design, permitting, bidding and construction phase services for the Cherry Hill Water Production Facility in Polk County's Northwest Regional Utility Service Area (NWRUSA).  The Cherry Hill WPF will have, once completed, a maximum day capacity of 2.9 million gallons per day and includes a 0.5 Million Gallon ground storage reservoir with tray aeration, a high service pump station, chemical feed facilities, standby power generator and fuel system, an operations/electrical building, and ancillary facilities. 

Hillsborough River / Tampa Bypass Canal (HR/TBC) Watershed Management Masterplan
Hillsborough County, FL; scheduled for completion 2019
Subconsultant to Jones Edmunds and Associates, Inc.

The HSC team was selected to update and calibrate the County’s HR/TBC Watershed model to reflect current conditions (2017 aerial imagery and topography) and utilize it to update floodplain information and mapping, re-evaluate proposed capital improvement projects, and provide final recommendations for flood protection, water quality enhancements, and natural systems protection.  To produce a model suitable for project purposes, the HR/TBC watershed model and database will be updated, and the model converted to the County’s version of USEPA’s Stormwater Management Model (SWMM), Version 5.x (HCSWMM5).  The update level of detail and watershed geodatabase will be to the District’s Guidelines & Specifications.  HSC is completing the Watershed Management Masterplan update for the Trout Creek, Main Channel North, and South Central subwatersheds. 

Leesburg Canal Street Sewer Pump
City of Leesburg, FL; scheduled for completion May 2018 

The City of Leesburg, Florida owns and operates the Canal Street WWTF.  Hydro Solutions Consulting was contracted to complete design, bid phase, and construction services to install a sewage pump at the Canal Street WWTF to obtain better control of the water levels between the existing Digesters No. 1 and No. 2.  

Tavares Peninsula Waste Water Master Plan 
City of Tavares, FL; scheduled for completion March 2018

The City of Tavares, Florida provides water, wastewater and reclaimed water services to their customers. The City is anticipating areas of development in the Peninsula region. Portions of this region are connected to city utilities, while others are on private wells or local services. Hydro Solutions Consulting is performing a Preliminary Design Evaluation to better understand and plan for improvements to the City’s water, wastewater, reclaimed water service area in order to incorporate the development into the system.

Lift Station 17 & 39 Flow Metering
City of St. Petersburg, FL; completed 2016

The HSC Team was selected to design the metering and SCADA systems for the lift stations No. 17 and 39.  These lift stations required flow metering for operational optimization.  Metering these facilities assisted the City to be able to quantify flows in key areas of the City.  The lift stations operated with pumps that use variable frequency drives, but did not have flow metering capabilities.  The project included the evaluation of flow metering alternative locations and instrumentation alternatives, prepared plans, technical specifications and option of probable construction cost. 

Southeast Wellfield Consumptive User Permit & Project Planning
Polk County, FL; completed 2015

The HSC Team was selected prepare a permit application to the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) for a period of 40 years.  The Project represented the first regional supply project for Polk County, and it required the cooperation of several eastern Polk County municipalities. It is anticipated that up to fifteen (15) LFA wells (regional wellfield) will be constructed to provide the water for the project.  The water withdrawn from the regional wellfield will be conveyed to a treatment facility for advance water treatment. The scope of services provided on this project included technical guidance and management support, including the coordination of meetings between PCU, the Water Management Districts (WMDs), and local municipalities; coordination between this project and other regional projects; groundwater modeling; and addressing Requests for Additional Information from WMDs as the pertain to the Southeast Wellfield Permit Application.  Other services included coordination of environmental assessment and review of future demands for application submittal on and permitting; implementation planning; and cost estimate evaluations; provided opinions and recommendation of project alternatives.